Plays by Jeff Culbert

The Donnelly Sideshow
A solo show with original songs, about the Donnelly murders of 1880
Produced by Ausable Theatre in 2011
Performed in 11 runs across Canada, 2011-2012

archy and mehitabel
A solo show based on the cockroach and cat characters created by Don Marquis in 1916.
Produced by Ausable Theatre in 2009
Performed at 14 festivals across North America, 2009-2011

My Fighting Spirit
A reclusive man living with an extremely jealous ghost
Commissioned by Theatre Nemesis
Performed as part of Frights of Spring, 2008

There's a Monster That Lives in my Girlfriend
A high school student has to face her anger management issues
Commissioned by Theatreworks, The Arts Project, London Ontario, 2005
Performed by Theatreworks participants

Running Rude
Two ecological activists with differing ideas about how to change the world
Produced by Ausable Theatre in 2001, re-mounted in 2004
Published in Ballyhoo 2001: Plays from London Ontario

Self and Subsumption Before Dinner
An Exploration of Ecology, Feminist Theory and Food
Recorded and broadcast on Radio Western, CHRW, London, 1992

Socrates on Wheels (co-written with Jill Sweetin)
Whimsical reflections on the life and influence of Socrates
Produced by House of Chaos, Montreal and Toronto Fringe Festivals, 1991