The Shawl David Mamet Ausable Theatre
Juno and the Paycock Sean O'Casey UWO English Dept
One-man Masque James Reaney Toronto Masque Theatre
Nothing Sacred (co-director) George F. Walker New Generation Theatre
Problem Child George F Walker Impact Theatre, Limerick, Ireland
The End of Civilization George F. Walker Ausable Theatre
Risk Everything George F. Walker Ausable Theatre
Problem Child George F. Walker Ausable Theatre
Beautiful City George F. Walker Hit & Run Theatre
King Phoenix Robertson Davies Ausable Theatre
Hunting Stuart Robertson Davies Ausable Theatre
A Jig for the Gypsy Robertson Davies Ausable Theatre
Eros at Breakfast Robertson Davies Ausable Theatre
Work James O'Reilly Ausable Theatre (Dublin Fringe)
Target Audience M. Crawford / A. Templeton Ausable Theatre
The Lost Soul Stroll (2007 & 2008) Jason Rip Doors Open London
P&J:The Original Mock Musical Joshua Richardson Pretentious Theatre
PlayWrights Cabaret 2003-2009 various London playwrights Grand Theatre
The Gentle Rain Food Co-op James Reaney Ausable Theatre
Fall Fair Jayson McDonald Stars and Hearts
Boat Load Jayson McDonald Stars and Hearts
Unitard Jayson McDonald Theatre Soup
Novel House Jayson McDonald Ausable Theatre
Arc of the Axe Jayson McDonald three black ring
Her Worship Peter Desbarats Ausable Theatre
The Donnelly Trial (2005 & 2006) Christopher Doty Dotydocs
Wuthering Heights Marion Johnson Theatre Nemesis
Darcy and Elizabeth (co-director) Marion Johnson Regency Players
Running Rude Jeff Culbert Ausable Theatre
My Fighting Spirit Jeff Culbert Theatre Nemesis
Fuelled Tim Culbert No No No Yes No Productions

Tarragon Theatre Directing Course 2009 (Richard Rose), Toronto Howard Barker's The Possibilities
Island Theatre's Directors' Master Class (Paul Meade), 2007, Limerick, Ireland
Soulpepper's Directors' Intensive 2006 (Joseph Ziegler) August Strindberg's Miss Julie
Soulpepper's Directors' Lab 2005 (Joseph Ziegler) Harold Pinter's Betrayal
Assistant to Director Bernard Hopkins Grand Theatre Peter Desbarats' A Practical Joke
Assistant Director, with Allan MacInnis Grand Theatre Carl Sternheim/CP Taylor's Schippel the Plumber

Best Director, Brickenden Awards for Theatre in London, 2003 ( Problem Child )
Best Director nomination, Brickenden Awards for Theatre in London, 2002 ( Her Worship )
Best Director nomination, Brickenden Awards for Theatre in London, 2004 ( Juno and the Paycock )
Innovation Award, Victoria Fringe Festival ( Boat Load )


One-man Masque (James Reaney) the speaker Toronto Masque Theatre
The Cherry Orchard (Anton Chekhov) Gaev Theatre Soup
Hamlet (William Shakespeare) Claudius Theatre Nemesis
The Tempest (William Shakespeare) Alonso Passionfool
The End of Civilization (George F. Walker) Henry Cape Ausable Theatre
The Soldier Dreams (Daniel MacIvor) Sam Column 13 Actors Company
Philadelphia, Here I Come (Brian Friel) Private Gar Ausable Theatre
Jesus Christ Superstar (Webber & Rice) Judas Ashleigh Barney
Work (James O'Reilly) Jim Ausable Theatre
A Jig for the Gypsy (Robertson Davies) Conjuror Jones Ausable Theatre
Overlaid (Robertson Davies) Pop Ausable Theatre
The Pirates of Penzance (Gilbert & Sullivan) Pirate King London Musical Theatre
Outlaw (Norm Foster) Will Vanhorne Port Stanley Festival Theatre
Outlaw (Norm Foster) Dupuis Tarwater Port Mansion Theatre
Suffering Fools (Herman Goodden) Bob Palmer StudiO K
The Mousetrap (Agatha Christie) Major Metcalf Port Stanley Festival Theatre
Office Hours (Norm Foster) Richard Port Stanley Festival Theatre
Jupiter in July (Norm Foster) Landlord, Keane Port Stanley Festival Theatre
Sweet Charity (Neil Simon et al) Daddy Brubeck London Musical Theatre
I Hate Hamlet (Paul Rudnick) John Barrymore Moonshine Theatre
Midnight Madness (Dave Carley) Mr. Bloom Port Stanley Festival Theatre
archy and mehitabel (from Don Marquis) solo Ausable Theatre
The Boneyard Man (Jayson McDonald) multiple roles Natural Broadcasting Company
An Upper Canada Christmas Carol (Jason Rip) John G. Simcoe Theatre Nemesis
P&J (Joshua Richardson) Uncle PJ Bohemia Productions
To Ashes (Jason Rip) Tom Ash Ausable Theatre
Legitimate Cinema (Jayson McDonald) Perry Python three black ring
The Deluxe Illustrated Body ( Malinich & McDonald) Father Matthew three black ring
Chelsea & Boggs (Rod Keith) Monty Draxnell Rubberfunk Theatre
Beard (Jason Rip) Roy McDonald Theatre Nemesis
Bob the Teapot (Jason Rip) The Stranger Ausable Theatre
Mother Mary Molotov (Jason Rip) Arthur Polly Theatre Nemesis
Nature Abhors a Vacuum (Herman Goodden) Frank Conway Louise Fagan Productions

Brickenden Awards for Outstanding Theatre in London:
Best Supporting Actor, 2006 (Gaev in The Cherry Orchard )
Best Actor nomination, 2003 (Tom Ash in To Ashes )
Best Actor, 2002 (solo performance in Work shared award)

London Free Press Critic's Choice: Best Alternative Actor, 2000
(Roy in Beard , Private Gar in Philadelphia, Here I Come , various characters in The Boneyard Man)


Co-ordinator and Director, PlayWrights Cabaret
Grand Theatre, London Ontario, 2002-2009

The PlayWrights Cabaret is The Grand Theatre's project for developing local playwrights and scripts. It has
five components: 1) presenting staged readings of ten-minute scripts (twenty per year), 2) offering dramaturgy of longer works by participating playwrights 3) commissioning and workshopping longer works, 4) producing commissioned works and 5) offering workshops to playwrights in writing, script development and self-producing.

My duties have been:
•  Co-ordinating the project for seven years

•  Selecting plays, in association with Grand Theatre AD Susan Ferley, communicating with playwrights and arranging workshops.

•  Directing between 8 and 16 scripts each year.

•  Working on detailed dramaturgy for longer works (usually with Gil Garratt, Blyth Festival)

•  Working on script development for the commissioned works and directing public readings

•  Assistant Director under Bernard Hopkins for full production of commissioned work

•  For the PlayWrights Cabaret, I worked closely over the years with Susan Ferley (AD, Grand Theatre), Gil Garratt (Associate AD, Blyth Festival) and Rona Waddington (AD, Port Stanley Festival Theatre, Calgary's Lunchbox Theatre and Drayton Entertainment).

Experience with full productions of new plays

•  As director/dramaturge thirteen new plays, by James Reaney, Peter Desbarats, Christopher Doty, Jayson McDonald, Jason Rip, Marion Johnson, Tim Culbert and Jeff Culbert•  As actor ten new plays, by Herman Goodden, Jason Rip, Rod Keith, Jayson McDonald, and Joshua Richardson.

•  As playwright Running Rude (Ausable Theatre), There's a Monster that Lives in my Girlfriend (commissioned by The Arts Project, London Ontario), Socrates on Wheels (co-written with Jill Sweetin, Fringe Festival tour), My Fighting Spirit (commissioned by Theatre Nemesis) Other Related Experience

•  Artistic Director - I was the founding AD of Ausable Theatre, based in London, and we produced at least one world premiere per year between 1998 and 2003. We produced 21 plays overall, and as AD, I had to consider all aspects of presenting them, taking my experience of dramaturgy into the broader sense of the word.

• Facilitator I conduct workshops on script analysis for actors, directors and playwrights, including a workshop in Limerick, Ireland supported by the Canada Council..

•  Consultant, workshop participant - I give regular feedback to playwrights who consult me about their work, and I have done countless workshops of new scripts as a director, dramaturge and actor. I have also helped to develop radio plays (CHRW-FM in London).

•  Editor Ballyhoo 2001, Plays from London Ontario . I received a grant and published a book of ten plays by Londoners, to encourage further productions and to leave them on public record for posterity.

•  Editor I founded and for six years managed a website called Theatre in London,, which has listings, reviews and commentary on the local theatre scene.

•  Writer I wrote a weekly theatre column for The Londoner for over three years, with commentary and reviews, and I always emphasized new plays. I have also written on theatre for Artscape Magazine.